Call for Chapters

Mobile Technology and Academic Libraries: Innovative Services for Research and Teaching

Proposals are sought for an upcoming ACRL publication on the leveraging of mobile technology to enhance research and teaching services in colleges and universities.

Given the rapid pace of the development of mobile technologies and the impact that these changes are having on the daily lives of students, faculty, and librarians, an up-to-date publication on these topics will be highly valuable to our colleagues. While these technologies transform our day-to-day experiences, they have not yet been widely adopted in the workplace by academic librarians. This book will highlight the experiences of academic librarians in leveraging mobile technology to enhance the research and teaching services that they provide to their communities.

Our aim is to demonstrate, for librarians in college and university libraries, how these technologies can transform their public services and bring substantial benefits to the faculty and students that they support. We envision the book’s chapters including both original research in the field of mobile technology in an academic library context, as well as case studies and commentaries on real-world initiatives currently in place in college and university libraries worldwide. In a rapidly changing environment, this book will outline the very latest work in the use of mobile technology in academic libraries for supporting and enhancing research and learning.

Add your knowledge of mobile technology and academic libraries to the body of library literature

Suggested chapter topics include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Student and faculty user experience with mobile technology
  • Mobile academic library websites (app development, responsive design)
  • Integrating mobile technology into information literacy instruction
  • Roving reference services with mobile technology
  • Mobile access to academic library collections
  • Gamification and mobile apps
  • Augmented reality apps on campus
  • Wearable technologies and implications for information discovery
  • Organizing hackfests and app creation in libraries
  • Lending mobile technology in academic libraries
  • Mobile apps for academic library research and scholarly work